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February Night Sky

The month of February features some wonderful viewing in the night sky with Jupiter visible in the East shortly after sunset. In the West, we have Venus and Mars in the first of three close conjunctions this year. This is the first time these two planets have been in such close proximity since 2008. The first of these conjunctions occurred on the 22nd February at 1° 47’ Aries, the next one will occur on the 1st September at 14° 55’ Leo and the last one on the 3rd November at 24° 11’ Virgo.

The Venus-Mars conjunctions in Astrology bring together the twin facets of desire: the desire to possess as represented by Venus and the desire to overcome as represented by Mars. For the individual, consider where these conjunctions occur in the natal chart and do they aspect any natal planets or angles especially conjunctions or oppositions. One could expect that this conjunction of desires will play a pivotal role in the person's life and will be expressed through the planet that it touches:

Sun - desires will drive or motivate the person to assert power or influence

Moon - desires will be prominent in the person's pursuit of safety and security

Mercury - desires will be instrumental in the expression of ideas and opinions

Venus - desires will drive relationships or cooperation

Mars - desires will be be instrumnetal in the person's ability to compete, dominate or overcome

Jupiter - desires will drive expansion and excess

Saturn - desires will undermine existing structures or overcome inhibitions

Uranus - desires will be unexpected and upsetting

Neptune - desires will lead to idealistic pursuits or result in disappointment

Pluto - desires will be excessive and may be both exciting and volatile

Should the Venus-Mars conjunction fall on an angle, it may be experienced as:

Ascendant - the person will personify the conjunction and be seen as both desiring and driven

Descendant - the person will attract into their life conflict and contention as a result of wanting someone or something

MC - the person will strive to achieve their heart's desire

IC - the person will have to contend between fulfilling perosnal desire and familial expectation.

While these are simple delineations, the natal condition of both planets needs to be taken into account.

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