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Mari Garcia is a professional consulting astrologer and educator who lives and works s in Adelaide, South Australia.  She is co-director of one of Australia's most successful astrological schools, ASTRO MUNDI.


She has lectured in Australia at the Federation of Australian Astrologers bi-annual conferences and at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in the USA.


 Mari is co-author of the book, Scala Coeli: A Ladder to Heaven- A Collection of Astrological Essays published in 2012. She also edited the compilation An Ancient Art in the Modern World: Australis 97 Congress papers and was also a contributor to the anthology with the article “A Mundane Look at Australian Images”.


Mari writes regularly for local, national and international and publications and her work is also available on CD from Astro Mundi.


She is currently working on her new book due to be published soon.


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No idea about where you are headng?  Need some help in identifying goals and strategies?  I can help you take a different perspective on your life.  See how you can make this happen with an astrology reading....



Mari is the author of several publications and is currently working on a new book which is due to be published soon.  For a full list...

2021 Speaking Schedule

Saturday 20 February 2021

FAASA    What's Ahead in 2021

Thursday 25 February 2021

Astro Mundi Essential Astrology Course

Sunday 14 March 2021

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Wednesday 2 June 2021

A Matter of Sect for Sydney Astrological Research Society SARS

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Saturday 19 June 2021

Third & Ninth Houses 

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Mari brings her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for Astrology to the classroom. ASTRO MUNDI located in Adelaide has a course for everyone from beginner to professional.


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The Third and the Ninth Houses
Saturday 19th June 2021

 Known as the ‘better’ of the cadent houses, the Third and the Ninth houses are often ignored or simply glossed over in modern astrological practice.  Both houses are the joy of the luminaries: the Sun beams down from the Ninth, Deus was its name - the house of God, of knowing and knowledge and gifts.  And opposite the Ninth, the Moon gazes up from the Third,  Dea was its name – Goddess ruled the house of truth, knowing,  and of friendship.

The webinar will explore the Ninth house, planets in the Ninth as well as planetary rulers of the Ninth as they are indicators of the individual’s belief,  how they define belief, what inspires as well as how they define and describe the journey to knowledge.  We will also look at the Third house, planets and rulers of the Third and how these define the importance of siblings, the definition of truth and its expression.  As the house of the Goddess, it also describes what help is at hand to help the individual realise and express their truths.

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