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Wellbeing Astrology 2018


I have an article in the new issue of Wellbeing Astrology 2018.   The article, "Faith, Fortune, Friends and Favour:

the Eleventh House" looks at the eleventh house and its significations.  Long considered one of the favourable houses in astrology for much of the last two millennia, this article  unpacks the origins, meaning and expressions of the eleventh house and its significance to the individual.


Find your copy of the latest issue at  your local newsagent or order online here.


For the student or professional who would like to extend their chart interpretation skills,  solid grounding in basic and advance techniques in the Certificate and Diploma Courses is available at Astro Mundi.   Courses are conducted through attending classes, or through distance education. 


For more information contact Astro Mundi via email or if in Australia, on 1800 003 517. 



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Mari will be speaking at this conference and details at AA Conference 2021