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These publications are available from Astro Mundi in PDF format.
Mari Garcia book
SCALA COELI: The Ladder of Heaven
A Collection of Astrological Essays.


Scala Coeli is jointly authored by Mari Garcia and Joy Usher.  The book features six astrological essays on the following topics:  Thema Mundi, Rulership, Sightings, The Noddings,  The Moon’s Nodes and Combustion and CazimiIn.   These six essays provide original insights and applications for a variety of ancient techniques. The compilation combines basic astrological principles and simple delineation practices, with previously unpublished material on ancient lunar doctrine. This material is explored in 300 pages, with diagrams and illustration to highlight the text. 

The Book of Notable Births

A collection of charts featuring a relevant biography compiled in a spiral bound book.  The collection has a total of 80 charts plus a mundane section dedicated to national charts and charts of organisations and events.  Each chart has a sourced biography and a ‘key dates’ section outlining important events in the person’s life.  Other features include chart groupings by Sun Sign, by Sun in the houses, by Grand Aspect Pattern and by Chart Shape.  Categories include politicians, artists, inventors, musicians, actors, writers and religious figures.

Famous charts
Traditional astrology Mari Garcia
Traditional Astrology: Glossary of Terms

A thirty page, spiral-bound book listing commonly used terms with explanations and references to traditional texts.  Easy to use and handy to have, the book is useful for those pursuing studies in traditional natal astrology, horary and electional astrology.

ASTROLOGY: An Ancient Art in the Modern World
The AUSTRALIS '97 Conference Papers
ed. Mari Garcia


A selection of the lectures given at the 1997 AUSTRALIS Conference featuring the work of Bernadette Brady, Adrienne Barkla, Mari Garcia, Demetra George, Darrelyn Gunzburg,  Arielle Guttmann, Robert Hand, J Lee Lehman, Michele Lewis, Joy Usher.

Mari Garcia mundane
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