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March Ingress and the Uranus-Pluto Square

The March Ingress, also known as the Aries or the Equinox, when the Sun enters the tropical sign of Aries, occurs at 9:46 am (AEDT) on the 21st March 2015. This brings together some very interesting dynamics which can be potentially very difficult and confronting. Forming the background of the Ingress is the Uranus-Pluto square, a major configuration has been flavouring the times we live in over the past two years.

The synodic square is the actual (heliocentric) square which is occurring in the current 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle. This cycle that began on 7th January 1966, was crystallised by the peak of the Vietnam War together with the emergence of what we now know as the Flower Power Political Movement. Both of these made a tremendous impact on the then current world view.

For the first time, war not only became headline news, it was served up together with dinner or, breakfast and certainly tainted the appetitite of the ordinary person. Suddenly, the atrocitities pepetrated in the name of freedom and democracy became both immediate and repellant. The Flower-Power political movement was a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology.

Although this was not the first time that passive resistance had been used as a political form of protest [Gandhi made use of it in the 1920's and 30's in his decades-long fight for Indian independence from the British], the wave of universal institutional change that came about as a consequence of the movement set in train the ethics and morals for a new world. These ethics and morals became the blooms that characterised the Feminist movement, the Conservation Movement, tthe Civil Rights movement in the USA and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

However, Uranus and Pluto do not automatically signify forward change. Often holes are blown in walls and bombs explode leaving us to respond to the acute options presented. One sector of society might take one path, and another sector might take another. Both Uranus and Pluto have their own characteristic styles of creating resistance and mainatining conservatism. They can push people up close and personal against their fears, exacerbating resistance to change by threatening insecurity, disaster or destruction.

Uranus' resistances include the diversion of social energies. Nascent popular energies can become dangerous to the established order and as we have seen, can then provoke extreme repression. Alternatively, the energy that is generated can also be hijacked to the advantage of others. The square which has been occurring from 2012-2015, has its seventh and final hit on the 17th March and will again stimulate dynamic cultural and societal action based upon what was set in motion in the 1960s, yet in an entirely new way.

Now we are seeing the climate change debate ramping up a new gear in world-wide debate with countries setting targets, renewable energy industries developing new techniques and finding new markets. We are also seeing a new type of activism on social media and a development of the people power to effect change in social, political and economic arenas.

For the individual, the Uranus-Pluto has been especially active for those with planets or points (especially the Ascendant, MC and Nodal axis) at the middle degrees of Aries-Capricorn and also Cancer-Libra. What this has meant, is that the individual has probably had to, as a cosnequence of unexpected and volatile situations or events, reassess their lives and make significant changes. The specifics of these will depend on the planet or point being affected, the house it is in and the houses associated with the planet. In the long run, this is not an easy transition and requires both humility to acknowledge what has changed as well as the courage and energy to build something new.

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