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A Critical Eclipse

The total Lunar eclipse is due at exactness on the 4th April at 10:35 pm AEDT. The chart below sets the eclipse in Canberra, Australia's political capital and seat of Government.

This eclipse will be visible in most of Australia, Asia and parts of the Middle east and the Pacific. To see where this eclipse is visible click here.

A lunar eclipse always occurs when the Full Moon falls on the Nodal axis and this eclipse has the Full Moon at 14 Libra, four degrees from the Node. Most importantly, at this degree Pluto sits exactly square to the Moon-Sun opposition, it sq

uares the Nodes and Uranus. It is a critical eclipse because matters which have previously been highlighted or started at the New Moon and solar eclipse two weeks ago are now at a criical stage of either development, negotiation or culmination.

The other planet involved with the eclipse is Mercury which is conjunct the Sun. Mercury's role as the negotiator between the Sun and other planets is emphasised especially for those with natal planets or points in the middle degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The time for prevarication has come to an end as the energy of the eclipse will push for some sort of outcome. For some it may mean finally putting aside constricting circumstances and taking a new step forward while others may choose to maintain the status quo as a buffer against uncertainty and insecurity. There is no right or wrong decision as each person will do what is right for them.

On a social or political scale, it is expected that we will see the forces of change clash even more fiercely with the establishment as each seeks to dominate. The Aries-Libra axis highlights the discrepancy between independence and assertion (Aries) versus that of cooperation and conciliation (Libra). The ruler of Aries is Mars in the sign of its detriment in Taurus while Venus is in the sign of its rulership.

As they are both in the same sign we need to consider what impact this will have. As the Moon is the planet being eclipsed, hidden and devoured, this suggests that the light or reflection may be distorted for a time or 'eclipsed' by solar energies, which are aggressive, extroverted and action oriented. These solar energies are ruled by the Mars in detriment which can cause much harm as there is a tendnecy to act before thinking or considering anything or anyone.

The fact that Venus is the Moon's lord, and she is in rulership gives her a bit of support but the caution is that decisions should not be swayed in any direction based solely on easy options, comfort or promises of profit or safety. They will be shown to be unworkable, unavailable or unsafe.

For Australia. the eclipse occurs in the eleventh house of elected representatives i.e. the Parliament and it will be interesting to see how the Government, the tenth house, ruled by Mercury, will deal with the opposition as well as the independents who have been such a thorn in theoir side. There are critical pieces of legislation which are slated for consideration and it will not be surprising if here are some back room deals done to get them passed. However, if the Government is relying on this to get what it wants, we may see a full-scale confrontation when the deals are revealed.

The Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has formed a Cabinet which has established a reputation for being hard-nosed and to many, insensitive and callous. It has been acussed of bullying its way at the expense of benefits recipients, pensioners, asylum seekers, students and workers. The critical point that is being reached now is that the Government has so far been stymied or forced into back-flips by a combination of the Opposition, independent MP's and public opinion on major policies, To date it has secured some victories by playing the fear card or by securing the vote of certain members by making promises whch benefit particular interest groups.

There will be increased pressure on the Government as the lord of the tenth is involved with the eclipse. By late on Sunday, Mercury will be on the South Node at 10 Aries and we may see the triggering of an issue that has been festering for a while.

Let's see how this pans out in the next few weeks!

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