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Wedding Belle


On the 27th November 2017[i], Meghan Markle, an American actress and humanitarian accepted a marriage proposal from HRH Prince Harry and is set to become a member of the British royal family when she marries him in May 2018. Meghan and Harry have been seeing each other for several years and this article will look at the evolution of the relationship against the background of Meghan’s predictive work.

Progressed Lunar Phase

Let’s start by looking at some broad brush strokes which give us the background of this period. She is at present in a First Quarter progressed lunar phase suggesting growth, opportunity and manifestation and will progress into a Gibbous phase in August 2018. The progressed Moon moved into Capricorn in January 2016, ingressed into the seventh house in December 2017 and moves into Aquarius in June 2018. What we have here is first of all a Saturnian statement (both Capricorn and Aquarius are Saturn ruled signs) denoting commitment, stability and focus; couple with the ingress into the seventh, it highlights a time in her life when roots are not just being laid down but providing strong anchors and stability especially in terms of partners and marriage.

Partners and Security

How does this affect the natal statement as far as relationships are concerned? Markle has Cancer rising suggesting a person whose primary motivation is driven by emotional need and who will seek emotional security and connection. This is realised through the lord of the Ascendant, the Moon in Libra in the fourth house conjunct Saturn. The statement is that the realization of emotional security comes through family, structures and emotional commitment and restraint.

The Saturn-Moon combination describes someone who longs for closeness, both physical and emotional but who may have a poor history of this. She is also someone who has issues with physical and emotional closeness, fearing rejection on the one hand and yet seeking and longing for intimacy. Saturn is the stronger partner in this combination as it is in Libra, the sign of its exaltation. Adding to the flavour, is Jupiter on the other side of Saturn, adding a sense of excess or exaggeration.

Saturn rules the Capricorn seventh house, connecting the issues of relationships and associations and their realisation. What we have is the lord of the Ascendant, the Moon and the lord of the seventh house, Saturn sitting in a tight conjunction in the fourth house emphasising the need for intimacy and also the fear of rejection that it represents.


Next we look at the Firdaria, a system of planetary periods and we see that she is in a Mars Firdaria suggesting that challenge, action and risk-taking colour this period which started in 2013.

Mars is an important planet in Markle’s chart as it sits in the first house, conjunct the Ascendant, in Cancer, the sign of its Fall; it is also the Lord of the Aries MC.

At 11 degrees of Cancer, it is in the terms of Venus as well as making a tight sextile to natal Venus and squaring the MC. This combination speaks of passion, sensuality and sex appeal. It can be said that in this Mars period, what befalls Meghan has a profound effect on her persona as well as her career and public standing.

Meghan met Prince Harry in early 2016 and what is interesting is that the Mars/Venus period echoes the romantic interlude and the spark that insiders said was there at their first meeting on a blind date. And it is this meeting that eventually highlights a different career path.

A few months later the Firdaria moves into a Mars/Mercury period lasting until August 2017 and during this time the energy of this was reflected in the media hype surrounding the couple. In August 2017 the Firdaria moved to a Mars/Moon and in this period we have the official engagement and wedding announcement and subsequently the wedding itself in May 2018. The Moon as sub-ruler of this period will bring with it all the associated issues as the lord of the natal Ascendant and the Saturn-Moon conjunction.

After the wedding, by August 2018, the Firdaria moves into a Mars/Saturn period where we expect the learning curve for the new Royal will be steep indeed as it will include all sorts of protocols as well as a daunting workload which will require both resilience and perseverance, something which Meghan will be fairly familiar with.


Adding another layer, we look to the Profections, which involves advancing the Ascendant one sign per year. At her last birthday in August 2017, Meghan was thirty six years old. As profections start at birth, the Ascendant represents every year divisible by twelve, hence in this her 36th year we see the Ascendant come back to Cancer. The Moon then, becomes the Lord of the Year and brings to prominence the Moon-Saturn-Jupiter combination.

Next we will consider the condition of the Moon in her Solar Return for her birthday in August 2017. The first thing we see is the Lord of the Year, the Moon is in Capricorn in the sixth house making an opposition to Venus. The Moon’s position in a difficult house and in her detriment echoes the rest of the predictive work in suggesting that this is a year that entails a facing of her emotional insecurities as well as working hard in defining her new role. If we also look at other planets or points in Cancer, we find Mars there as well as the Ascendant, again emphasising the need to face those challenges and impose both her will and personality in dealing with them.

We also notice that the lunar eclipse on the 31st January at 11 Leo will conjunct her Sun and fall across the 1st – 7th axis of the Soar Return emphasising relationships with others and with the world as well as her identity. The eclipse also conjuncts the Solar Return Ascendant underscoring the change of identity and persona; her face to the world will undergo a make-over in this year.

Her natal Ascendant at 24 Cancer falls in the 2017 Solar Return twelfth house suggesting that natal issues of belonging may rise as a fear or anxiety. Conversely, the 2017 Solar Return Ascendant at 10 Leo falls in the natal second house conjunct the Sun and again the focus is on the changing nature of her priorities as well as her role in life.

Meghan Markle has made her name as an actor, taking on a variety of roles on the small screen. Apart from acting, Markle is also known for her humanitarian work, activism and advocacy of women’s rights and modern day slavery. It will be interesting to see how she incorporates her ‘warrior’ image (Mars in the first house) as she is gears herself up for the role of a life time as a member of the British Royal Family.

31st January 2018

Copyright M Garcia 2018



[i] Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engaged: Royal knew fiancee was 'the one' from 'very first time we met'". The Daily Telegraph. 27 November 2017. Source: Accessed 31/1/18.

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