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Donald's Party

The year 2020 marks a presidential election in the USA’s political cycle and with that the incumbent Donald Trump is up for re-election. Trump has had a fairly tumultuous twelve months as news of his office’s involvement with the Russians, as well as accusations of political interference from foreign governments has seen him face a Congressional impeachment process. His impeachment occurred on 18th December 2019, when the House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump was acquitted by the Sen

ate on these two counts of impeachment on 5th February 2020. [1] Straight afterwards he faced the growing concern over the COVID-19 pandemic and the issues of healthcare availability for Americans, the need to take decisive action including closing of borders, lockdowns and the inevitable economic downturn.

The virus has cut a lethal swathe through the city of New York as well as through the US economy. As early as March, Trump has been labeling the ‘Chinese virus’ and as this article is being written (end of April), President Trump has escalated the accusations pointing a finger at China saying that his government was conducting a thorough investigation on the spread of COVID-19. He described the pandemic as "a point of incompetence" on behalf of China that forced the US economy to close.[2]

Trump has also been increasingly erratic and eccentric in his behaviour and in his responses to

the daily concerns raised regarding the virus and in the manner in which his nation is dealing with the pandemic. A shortage of supplies, equipment and other health-related issues has seen some bizarre scenarios at the daily press conferences held at the White House. One of the most recent ones had Trump suggesting injecting bleach to combat the virus “from the inside” as well as suggesting that anyone, including health experts who disagree with the lifting of quarantine orders was “un-American”. The White House is now a bunker from where Trump has been taking pot shots at officials, political rivals, the media, and foreign powers, especially China.

As Trump approaches his birthday in June, the significators of the year ahead which incorporates the Presidential election in November includes some interesting testimonies.

Trump was elected to the White House in November 2016, during his North Node period. Trump’s North Node is in Gemini with the Sun on one side and Uranus on the other. This describes a period of expansion and bounty, and personal glory albeit unusual and radical. Sitting in the Eleventh house, we can see how this grouping has expressed itself in the realization of Trump’s hopes and wishes.[3] Marcus Manilius, the 1st century writer wrote: “The temple beneath the summit of bright heaven, and … of braver hope, surges ever higher, being ambitious for the prize and triumphant over earlier temples.”[4] Indeed, Trump aspired to, and gained the highest office in the USA during this period amidst a campaign that many commentators labeled as divisive and unpredictable.

It is interesting to note that the Node, Sun and Uranus in Gemini are disposited by Mercury in Cancer, sextile Neptune suggesting that there may be a level of deception or illusion which could work towards the attainment of the goal. Mercury is also in a partile sextile to the MC suggesting that this period was indeed one in which high office and status could be achieved. In another testimony which enhances this is profection. Trump entered an Eleventh house year in 2016, with Mercury as the Lord of the Year, highlighting that this was indeed a time for the realization of dreams.

In June 2019 Trump entered the South Node Firdaria, bringing to a close the benefic nature of the previous period and entering a period of loss, a sense of waning or letting go. His natal South Node sits at 20 Sagittarius with the Moon conjunct it in the Fifth house and in a tight opposition to his Gemini Sun conjunct the North Node and Uranus. This adds a distinct flavour of instability and unpredictability. The lord of the Sagittarius South Node is Jupiter which in his natal chart makes a wide square to a Saturn-Venus conjunction, sitting in the Twelfth house, and Jupiter is also in a very tight trine to Uranus, suggesting that the instability is intrinsic rather than external and describes an unfettered optimism and an excitable and unpredictable disposition.

At present, Jupiter is about to go retrograde and will conjunct Pluto later in May and then a third hit in November 2020, about the time of the USA election on the 3rd November. Both Jupiter and Pluto are currently travelling through the sign of Jupiter’s Fall, Capricorn. This highlights the sense of instability and unpredictability. Additionally, a debilitated Jupiter can be greedy, indifferent, excessive and grasping. Jupiter is also in the angular Seventh house and is accidentally dignified. A debilitated planet in an angular house can be a dangerous influence. The combination of Jupiter-Pluto in a collective sense describes a love of power, ruthlessness and a pursuit of aims tinged with zealotry. It is also a strong indicator of plutocracy i.e. rule of the wealthy. Given that Jupiter is in its Fall, one could say that this may be the catalyst for Trump to deal with his increasing difficulties in a manner which utilizes all his personal as well as official influence to get what he wants as this period unfolds. The issue with the Jupiter in Fall might see either Trump’s literal fall from grace or, as the President of the USA, he may be the agent of the USA’s fall from its position as a world power.

Profection and the Lord of the Year

Having set the tone with the Firdaria, we now look to Trump’s Profected[5] year for the specifics of this time. His birthday on the 14th June will see him turn 74 years old, bringing him to his Libran Third house. As the domicile ruler of Libra, Venus is the Lord of the year. In the natal chart, Venus sits in Cancer, conjunct Saturn in the Twelfth house and also ruling the Taurus MC. It makes a very wide square to a stationary Jupiter in the Libran Third house, which is also occupied by Neptune although both planets are not in aspect either to each other or the Saturn-Venus conjunction.[6]

Firstly, with the Profection, we have a year in which Third house issues of neighbours and personal truths and communication is highlighted. We see a time in which the truths or ideas which Trump is expressing will undermine him or give away secrets which may destabilize matters. With the Lord of the Year conjunct Saturn natally, Venus although the lesser benefic, is somewhat constrained in her ability to manage matters efficiently. Does she have help? Venus in Cancer is disposited by the natal Moon which is conjunct the South Node, underscoring the Nodal nature of the Firdaria, the lack of backup for Venus as well as the fragile nature of this period.

Second point, the profected Third house also has Jupiter and Neptune in it although not in aspect. One could say that Jupiter and Neptune colour his personal truths and relations with neighbours, giving these matters both an idealistic and to some extent, an unrealistic expression.

Now we look at the condition of the Lord of the Year in the Solar Return.

2020 Solar Return

Looking at Trump’s 2020 Solar Return, we see the Lord of the Year, Venus in Gemini in the Solar Return Twelfth house. Again we have another reiteration of the difficulties described by the Firdaria, emphasized in the Profection and highlighted in the Solar Return. Additionally, Trump’s natal Ascendant at 17 Leo falls into the Solar Return’s Second house suggesting that natal issues of wealth and resources come to the surface. Perhaps we will see his personal wealth come under scrutiny or hidden sources of his wealth come to light as the ruler of his natal Leo Ascendant is the Sun, which in the Solar Return is also in the Twelfth house. The Solar Return Sun is also in a tight square to a Mars-Neptune conjunction sitting on the MC suggesting that secret sources of wealth may be made public as a result of deception or connivance.

The Solar Return’s lunar phase is a Third Quarter, with the Moon tightly conjunct Neptune and squaring the Sun. The Third Quarter phase is about realization of what was initiated at the New Moon. The results of endeavors are now being savoured or distilled. With the Moon’s conjunction to Neptune, there is a distinct flavour of confusion or sensitivity. Another possible expression of this is some sort of physical deterioration either in vitality (Sun) or emotional nature and physical body (Moon).

The Solar Return Ascendant at 12 Cancer falls in his natal Twelfth house, conjunct Mercury. This describes his focus for the period and again, the matters of secrets, hidden enemies and fears and their expression are emphasized. Ibn-Ezra tells us: “…if the rising sign is Leo, most people will hate him, and that is true, for the Moon, which is the ruler of this house (the twelfth), indicates common people.” [7] Apart from secrets and hidden matters, the Twelfth house describes a person’s undoing; where those things which have been hidden or kept secret are done out of fear of future consequences.

The ruler of the Solar Return Twelfth house is Mercury conjunct the Solar Return Ascendant suggesting that Trump’s ideas and utterances are exposed or brought to light and these may bring about his undoing.


Looking further, we see the transiting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction opposing Trump’s natal Saturn-Venus conjunction across the Sixth – Twelfth house axis. The importance of this transit is that Venus, the Lord of the Year, also features in the transits suggesting that Trump’s ability to keep the lid on things, especially his secret dealings, relationships and indulgences will be outed. The Jupiter-Pluto energy is centered on ruthlessness, driven by a powerful urge to succeed in the one-eyed pursuit of specific aims, with few or no scruples. Trump may find himself the target of some ruthless maneuvering resulting in some sort of power struggle either as a consequence of what is revealed or in the prevention of its exposure.

Transiting Saturn has been opposing his natal Saturn-Venus conjunction and does so again in September and October bringing jolts of reality to an election campaign that has been derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Saturn opposition Saturn is the halfway point of his third Saturn cycle. Trump’s natal Saturn sits in the Twelfth house and so the opposition happens across the Sixth and Twelfth houses with Saturn ruling the Sixth and Seventh houses. His Saturn is in detriment in a cadent house and to quote Ibn-Ezra, “A planet in its house of detriment is like a person fighting with himself.” [8] Trump is known for his pugnacious nature with Mars rising and at every Saturn opposition, he has dealt with issues of control, authority and credibility simply by pointing the finger at others. At the previous opposition in 1990, in a live interview, he was questioned about his precarious financial position. He simply walked off, sued the broadcasting company and demanded and got the person’s sacking.

Now, in light of the looming presidential election and pandemic crisis, Trump has claimed success on ‘beating the virus’ and has refocused his message from one of a public health nature to an economic one. The appointment of the White House corona virus task force's goals were to consolidate Trump's power and limit his accountability, and to thereby try to position him for re-election in the midst of a public health and economic emergency that has claimed the lives of more than 70,000 people in the U.S. so far.[9]

The expression of the Saturn transit is about control and authority and Trump will take credit for ‘re-opening’ America while pinning the rising death rate on the nation's state governors. Additionally, Trump will still have full control over the scarce goods those governors need to protect their residents, restricting their ability to attack him or even point out publicly any failure of the federal government to supply them.[10]

Nodal Return

Trump will also be experiencing his fourth Nodal Return in October 2020 when the Moon’s North Node returns to the natal position of 20 Gemini. Nodal Returns occur every 19 years and bring out a realignment of purpose as well as direction, the re-emergence of natal issues and their place in the individual’s life. Trump’s natal North Node is in the Eleventh house suggesting that his journey is about developing interests which bring about group involvement and awareness of collective concerns. The opposite point, the South Node describes what the individual habitually relies on and in the Fifth house, it describes soemoen who Habitually relies on their own self-interest or concerns to the exclusion of everything else.[11] The Nodal Return is crucial in describing the relation to the solar-lunar facets of a life. In other words, the basic direction and flow of an individual life will be highlighted at these times when the North Node ‘returns’ to its original point.[12] Hence, this period reiterates the Nodal flavour of the Firdaria, as well as emphasising the Moon and also the Node’s dispositor, Mercury.


The other planet which features in the predictive work is the Moon, which rules the natal Twelfth house and is conjunct the natal South Node in the Fifth house. The natal Moon receives a partile square from transiting Neptune suggesting that Trump will be challenged to avoid, explain or excuse confusion or misunderstanding of his motives or message. This may also be expressed in a physical way, perhaps through a lack of energy or a debility that is exposed. This underscores Trump’s increasing vulnerability as covert matters are revealed over the course of this time. This again echoes the 2020 Solar Return.

Transiting Neptune is currently also squaring the Nodal axis again highlighting a sense of crisis, a turning point of some sort as any planet squaring the Nodal axis puts the person on notice and tests their ability to deal with change. The nature of the transiting planet, in Trump’s case Neptune, suggests that the crisis will manifest as confusion, veracity (or its lack), and sacrifice or victimisation.

At present, this is playing out in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to sources, Trump sometimes used his authority over allocation in ways that reflected his political needs rather than needs of first responders and patients. He was open about the benefits of being his ally, telling the public that he would distribute supplies in part based on the level of appreciation shown to him by governors and other political officials. He sent ventilators to two Republican senators, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona, who are facing tough re-election bids.[13] The second hit will be in July 2020 and the final one in March 2021. Neptune can be a three-pronged experience for the individual :as the savior, the victim or the perpetrator. Trump has painted himself as the ‘saviour’ in this instance, however, Neptune’s nature does not stand up to either scrutiny or critical appraisal, lacking substance and a basis in reality.


In the meantime, transiting Uranus conjuncts the MC starting in late May, with the second it exact on the day after the USA presidential election (4 November) and the last hit in March 2021. The Uranus transit over the MC brings unrest, instability and the unexpected to his public life, status and career.

Trump’s run for a second term as President is at present languishing amidst the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic with the USA seeing unemployment numbers unknown since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

The urgency to restart the economy has fueled Trump’s push to reopen locked-down states, even though some in his inner circle express worry because the national infection rates, if the New York City area is removed, continue to rise. There has also been debate about supporting a federal bailout of state and local governments, which account for about 20 million jobs, and, if they don’t receive funding, will surely have to cut workers.[14]

I believe we will see a major issue surrounding the economic benefits to certain people critical to Trump’s re-election especially for the provision of supplies for the pandemic. This will probably start to come to the fore in July as Saturn makes its second pass opposing the Saturn-Venus conjunction and Neptune its pass to the Moon and South Node, the effects of the pandemic will continue to escalate, bringing to the surface the social and political tensions which have been simmering since the end of 2019. Already we have seen the ‘patriotic’ Right who make up an important sector of Trump supporters, come out in protest at the continued quarantine restrictions and putting pressure on individual States to lift these restrictions. Trump has declared “America is open for business” and his push to end the lockdown in different States has generated divisive and vitriolic campaigns especially against State governors of the opposition party.

The 2020 Solar Eclipse

In December 2020, a solar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius falls across Trump’s Nodal Axis, bringing in both his Sun and his Moon, highlighting the matters described by the South Node Firdaria, the Profected Lord, the Solar Return and the transits.

Putting the Picture Together

In summary, Trump faces an uphill battle for re-election and to maintain public credibility not only for his economic credentials, but also his handling of the public health issues and also foreign relations.

One of the intriguing things that has emerged is Trump’s petulant reactions to any obstruction from people, companies or nations. In the escalating war with what or who he perceives as his opposition[anything/anyone stopping from doing or saying anything, no matter how erroneous, inappropriate or dangerous], he has fired health officials, castigated White House staff, derided commentators and the media, blamed everyone from Obama [previous president], the WHO [World Health Organisation] and China for the USA’s situation. Although this behavior is not new, it has certainly escalated with the current emergency. We have also seen trump’s willingness to use strong arm tactics to manipulate State Governors and Congress demonstrating how important it is for him to win – at any and everything no matter what the consequences.

So, will he win the November Presidential election? He is a person who will use every possible avenue to ensure success at the highest level. History has shown that economic downturns do not favour an incumbent; during the Great Depression, American voters got rid of the then incumbent, Herbert Hoover and installed Franklin Roosevelt. The economic circumstances are much the same but as one commentator said, during the Depression, unemployment levels hit 25% but it took five years to get there. Today, unemployment is hovering at 15% already, having taken only two months to get there. The suddenness of the crisis has been a shock to Americans who will be looking for reassurance from Trump. At present, the argument has been presented as choice between reopening the economy and limiting the casualties of the Corona virus.

My opinion is that the astrology paints Trump as being in a weakened position, relying on past techniques to get him through to a second term. The difference now is that there may also be other factors which will undermine his attempts to win the election. The pandemic has put a huge brake on the personal campaigning which usually characterize a US Presidential campaign and which is an important tool in Trump’s re-election strategy. Without the personal appearances, Trump has only Twitter and the FOX media to get his message across.

Trump’s pugnacious nature and his propensity to gloss over facts, make them fit his own theories or ignore them altogether (natal Mercury receives a square from Neptune and is sextile the MC, both with tight orbs) will be a critical key. He has in the past relied on being able to manipulate the truth to gain an advantage but the important factor in all this is of course the rump of Trump supporters for whom the Donald can do no wrong, regardless of the evidence.

However, Trump also faces some significant obstacles personally and I suggest that although he lags in the polls currently, he will surge up them as quarantine measures are lifted across the nation but come Election Day, within a week either side of the poll, Uranus makes a second pass over the MC, bringing some surprise outcomes to his position. He will win the election but there may be factors which either strip him of office or do not allow him to be inaugurated. These may be related to either a health issue or something which severely undermines his credibility. If he is inaugurated, he will be the oldest person to hold office, upstaging Ronald Reagan, who was 73 when he started his second term. Should he commence a second term, there are serious doubts as to whether he will complete it given the Neptune transit to the Moon and Node, as well as Pluto opposing Venus, the Lord of the Year and the third pass of Uranus on the MC, all occurring in a dynamic window between late February-March 2021. You are all invited to Donald’s Party and judge the outcome for yourselves!

Mari Garcia

20 May 2020

Copyright 2020


[1] 'Not Guilty': Trump Acquitted On 2 Articles Of Impeachment As Historic Trial Closes by Philip Ewing, NPR, February 5, 2020, 4:33 PM ET. Source: Accessed: 5/5/20. [2] Trump says US will hold thorough investigation into China over COVID-19 pandemic by Olivana Smith Lathouris 11:00am Apr 28, 2020. Source: Accessed: 28/4/20. [3] The Eleventh house is defined as being a person’s hopes and wishes. [4] Manilius, Marcus. Astronomica 2, 882-885. [5] Profection is a traditional predictive technique where the Ascendant is advanced one sign year with every twelfth year arriving at the Ascendant.

[6] Some may consider Jupiter to be squaring the Saturn-Venus conjunction but the orb is between 6-8 degrees, rather wide. [7] Ibn-Ezra, Avraham. The Book of Nativities and Revolutions. The Twelfth House. Trans. M B Epstein. Ed. R Hand. ARHAT, 2008. [8] Ibn-Ezra, Avraham. The Beginning of Wisdom. Chapter Eight. Trans. M B Epstein. Ed. R Hand. ARHAT, 2008. [9] All the power, no accountability. That's Trump's COVID success. By Jonathan Allen. NBC News May 8, 2020, 5:46 AM ACST. Source: Accessed: 9/5/20. [10] Ibid. [11] Garcia, M The Moon’s Nodes. Scala Coeli. Astro Mundi, 2012. [12] Ibid. [13] All the power, no accountability. That's Trump's COVID success. By Jonathan Allen. NBC News May 8, 2020, 5:46 AM ACST. Source: Accessed: 9/5/20. [14] Jonathan Lemire, Josh Boak and Bill Barrow. Historic unemployment rate upends Trump's reelection bid. Associated Press 9 May 2020, 14:14 Source: Accessed:19/5/20.

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