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A Terminal Government

The third week in August of 2018 proved to be the one of the most volatile in Australian politics for a while and it saw a political party tear itself apart with the casualty being the party leader and Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. After the day of the long knives, the party elected Scott Morrison as the new leader and by default, Australia’s thirtieth Prime Minister. Morrison was sworn in at 6:13:54pm in Canberra[1] and this is the chart that will serve as the encapsulation of the new government. What can it tell us?

Morrison Swearing In Chart

Firstly, the chart is a night time chart, with the Sun below the horizon, in a cadent house and ‘blind’[2] to its responsibilities as Leo sits on the cusp of the sixth house. Not a very powerful position to be starting from.

Additionally, the Sun is also the significator of the leader and in this case the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. He is in a weak position dependent on others for his authority [trines an elevated Saturn in rulership in the tenth and trine Uranus in Taurus]. This tight grand trine to Saturn and Uranus, in earth signs suggests that Morrison, as the man at the top is there as the pragmatic option of his colleagues. The chart has a waxing lunar phase with the Moon just past its eclipse point of four degrees Aquarius. A tenuous hold on power and a lack of stability with the Moon also in a square to Uranus. The seeming ease of the trine is deceptive as on one hand it is negated by the square but also describes a level of volatility which is only just in check. The Moon represents the people in mundane matters, and its position, conjunct the South Node, describes a population that will be looking at the latest actions which will be the basis of judgement in future elections.

The nature of the government is symbolised by the Cross of Matter, in mutable signs, suggesting a lack of stability and predictability. The planets ruling the mutable Cross of Matter are Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio, both in fixed signs, and in square to each other. There is some stability implied there however they may not be enough.

The lord of the Pisces Ascendant is Jupiter in Scorpio in the ninth house, neutral by essential dignity but dignified by position in the favourable ninth house; it makes a sextile to Pluto, a trine to Neptune and a square to Mercury. Although outwardly powerful, Jupiter’s power base is at best tenuous. Neptune rising in the first house describes a government that is perhaps more concerned about smoke and mirrors: obfusticating, confusing and unsure of its direction. Jupiter is also lord of the tenth house, which is the government as a whole, and it has nowhere to go: the nocturnal triplicity lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter; the term lord of 6 Sagittarius (the MC) is also Jupiter. The square to Mercury being the only slightly saving grace but is a government that is pushing the boundaries of credibility.

The head of the government, the Prime Minister represented by the Sun, is square the MC but does not aspect the lord of the Ascendant and MC, Jupiter which also makes a sextile to Pluto. There is a disconnect between his personal power and his position (supposedly) of power.

The Sun is also approaching Saturn, and Morrison, I believe is looking to justify his position or at least have it endorsed by the electorate. This will be a tight struggle as Saturn is retrograde and about to go direct. Malcolm Turnbull, the vanquished leader has quit however there are still discontented rumbles which are being aired in public by backbenchers, unhappy with the outcome and the manner in which it unfolded. If we consider that this is the ‘base’ of the government, we see the Gemini IC, ruled by the problematic Mercury. Rumours, whispers and innuendo have been circling and now we are seeing the vanquished opponent in Peter Dutton, having to answer some hard questions about past decisions with no supporting commentary from the new Cabinet or Prime Minister – a telling situation.

Mercury also rules the seventh and sits in a yod [sextile Venus in Libra and both quincunx the rising Neptune in the first house]. This yod holds the key to survival or destruction for Morrison. With Venus sextiling Mercury, we will see the women or a woman being central to the issues underpinning the latent situation as represented by the yod. On the 8th September, the Sun will be at 15 degrees Virgo, opposing the Neptune and transforming the yod into a fated yod: the Sun becomes the focal planet of the yod’s energy of sacrifice, distrust and blame. One of the backbenchers Lucy Gichuhi has already been vocal in condemning the tactics of the party room during the leadership spill and as this article is being written, former Foreign Minister and now back bencher, Julie Bishop has also commented on the bullying and misogynism that women suffer within the Coalition ranks[3]. I think we will see this issue together with the leaking of information will be the drip effect which will erode Morrison’s position.

Although the Sun is disposited by the lord of the Gemini fourth house and IC, Mercury has no sight of Virgo, again suggesting that Morrisson may be ‘blind’ to the real issues that may surface. Mercury’s rulership of the seventh house is also intriguing as the seventh describes open enemies as well as alliances. Morrison thinks he knows who they are but again has no awareness of them. So far his public utterances on current matters have been less than impressive.

Additionally, he has been on the back foot as two major leaks to do with funding of major projects in marginal seats in the run to the next election and funding for the Catholic education sector. He has said he is “not bothered” about the leaks but the Opposition have been quick to suggest that the leaks are an "extraordinary" display of disunity.”[4] He will have to deal with the leaking sieve but not if he ignores it which seems to be the case at present.

In early October, the 4th to be precise, Mars moves into Aquarius and then comes to the degree of this chart’s Moon [7 Aquarius] which will feature a Moon Leo conjunct North Node opposing Mars in Aquarius with Venus at the bends. Again the women or a woman will be central to how things unfold in the next few months for this Government.

Tony Abbott, ex-leader and Prime Minister and principal destabiliser, has his Sun at 11 Scorpio while Dutton’s Sun is at 25 Scorpio. Both are in direct opposition to Morrison’s Sun at 22 Taurus. Morrison must keep both men onside as they are both strong opponents but unreliable allies.

Parliament is due to resume at 10:00am on Monday 10th September[5], featuring a New Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune. The Swearing-in MC of 6 Sagittarius is now the Ascendant and the position of Mercury in the Swearing-In Chart [13 Leo] is now the MC of the Parliamentary Sitting chart. It will be very interesting as to what and how things are revealed in the session as well as how Morrisson will handle Question Time especially as there is a rumour of a ‘no-confidence’ vote against his party ally/opponent, Dutton. Will he back him and risk unwanted commentary on the question of Ministerial discretion or will he use it to ask for Dutton’s resignation? I think it will be too early to tell but we do live in interesting times! Let us see what the next few months bring in this notorious saga of political machinations.

Mari Garcia

6th September 2018


  1. Source: ABC News and Ed Tampli, Australian astrologer.

  2. A planet is ‘blind’ to the sign it rules when it makes no aspect or relationship from its sign position.

  3. Julie Bishop at The Australian Women's Weekly AGL Women of the Future Awards.

  4. Daniel McCulloch Morrison not bothered by Government Leaks . sourced at [6/9/18]

  5. Time and date sourced from Parliament of Australia at [6/9/18]

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